Enter your Just Dance Now Username,email or ID, select Platform and Region and click "Next" to start!

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How to hack Just Dance Now

  1. Enter your Username or Email in the tool above
  2. Choose your region and platform.
  3. Click button Next
  4. Choose amount of Coins.
  5. Check invisiblity and Proxy for protection of your account.
  6. Click button Start
  7. Wait a few seconds while it is processing.
  8. Complete Human Verification.
  9. After completion of verification, open your game, your resources must immidietly increase on your account.
  10. Enjoy your game!

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Just Dance Now Online Hack!

One of the best party games in one of the most popular rhythmic arcades becomes even better once you hack it. But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself because it just so happens that Just Dance Now hack is absolutely free and available for anyone to use as many times as they want regardless of their system, region or willingness to pay for premium content.

With Just Dance Now cheats you will never have to pay for something in your game again! It works just as good as VIP membership and hack coins have the same value as the legit ones. As we've just said, Just Dance Now hack will work on both iOS and Android powered devices and in any region throughout the world.

How safe is Just Dance Now cheat to use?

Being secured with some of the most advanced encryption methods in the world, it is pretty safe to say that Just Dance Now hack for coins is absolutely impenetrable. Impenetrable probably is the right word but we are well aware that not everyone is as tech savvy as some of us are so were not going to bother you with technical details about how Just Dance Now hack works.

What's important is that up until now we had a total of zero complaints and reports about our Just Dance Now cheat causing trouble in getting users banned and suspended from the game. Translated this means that Just Dance Now hack for free coins is absolutely safe to use.

Are there any limitations to Just Dance Now hack?

None. It works on iOS and Android and in every region. It can be used for as many times as you want and you are free to share it with whoever you want. It's free to use and always will be, there are no strings attached and there never will be any.

How do I use Just Dance Now hack for coins and songs?

First off, you cannot unlock songs with this. You can however get as many coins as you want that can be used/exchanged for coins in game. This is practically the same thing that you just so that with clear things up and ensure that we're all on the same page.

What you need to do is shown in the video so just watch the video, make sure you understood everything and then repeat the same exact process on the generator page. After you've done that, the Just Dance Now will be successfully hacked and if you followed are instructions step-by-step, your account will be filled with the desired amount of coins.

Share it with your friends and family.

To make things even better, you should share it with your friends. Remember, this is a party game and party games work best in groups so invite all of your friends and family to play with you and give them a gift of free, unlimited coins so they can purchase all of their favorite songs for you to dance to together.